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First new born baby

3 months after the opening of the hospital Soma from Necha became mother of a beautiful son. With great pride in her eyes she showed her ‘bhabu’ (little boy). New born babies in Nepal get a name after 11 days. We like to congratulate the family and thank the staff for taking care of the first delivery in Necha Community Hospital. Please click here to see the pictures.

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Asian Heritage Foundation – “We Care’’

We help people living in places left behind by sharing benefits of economic development to enable sustainable development

Asian Heritage Foundation (AHF) Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental social development organization founded in 2008 by the owner of Asian Heritage Group, Nilhari Bastola (Nilam), to develop the living conditions of people in places left behind by sharing  benefits of economic succes. AHF Nepal is initially focused on establishing a Community Hospital in Necha village, South Solukhumbu district, and surrounding areas. The aim of the hospital is to improve the health status of families through providing access to basic health services and raising awareness about general health risks. AHF agreed to support the hospital for the next 7 years providing infrastructure, qualified doctors, training & education, awareness programmes and management advise. Read more>>>>>
To get is done AHF is searching for volunteers, donors, medical and corporate partnership. Please check how you can ‘Get Involved’. (See left colomn)   


FACTSHEET - Necha Community Hospital

 All the facts of AHF Nepal supported community hospital in Necha on 1 sheet.  

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In the monsoon of 2010 Nilam, Mina, Willem and doctor Robin visited the hospital in Necha.




Learn about the latest events at the Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal.

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